Everbody knows cows eat grass Paris Creek Beef eats grass Proudly supporting Adelaide hills produce
Everyone knows cows eat grass!
Provide tasty beef

Cooking got that much easier!

"What am i going to do with all that meat?" Have you ever stood bewildered in front of the meat section of a supermarket? Before selecting the same old thing over again. (Mum not chops again")

Paris Creek Beef will change your world! Our beef comes fully labelled so you do not have to guess what you pull out of the freezer.

Recipes are available on-line - just type in our information from the label into www.taste.com.au or www.beefandlamb.com.au or.... even Google. There are 1,000's of recipes for our cuts of beef instantly available on-line.

Paris Creek Beef makes the master chef in you come alive!

Taste the Paris Creek Difference