Everbody knows cows eat grass Paris Creek Beef eats grass Proudly supporting Adelaide hills produce
Everyone knows cows eat grass!

The Meat

Paris Creek Beef is naturally 100% grass-fed yearling beef direct from the farmer to your kitchen. Our meat is only processed once we receive your order as this guarantees fresh produce direct to you. Our meat is processed by a licensed accredited butcher, is dry aged for between 15-20 days and cut to your specifications. No substances are added to your meat to increase the weight or alter the colour. At Paris Creek Beef you receive fresh natural produce.

Let your tastebuds be the critic!

We tried some of the T-bones on the weekend – they were very nice
Adelaide, SA

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What does it cost?

The diagrams below give rough estimates on the cost of a whole, half and quarter 100% grass-fed and finished yearling beef, based on the average weights for each.

a full cow

Whole Beef Carcass Approx. 200kg

Bulk Price
$13.00 per kg
Tray Packed
$13.50 per kg
$14.00 per kg
half a cow

Side of Beef Carcass Approx. 100kg

Bulk Price
$13.90 per kg
Tray Packed
$14.50 per kg
$14.90 per kg
quater of a cow

Quarter Beef Carcass Approx. 50kg

Bulk Packed
$13.90 per kg
Tray Packed
$14.50 per kg
$14.90 per kg

Eg. A side of beef is approximately 100kg Carcass Weight x $13.90 per kg (Bulk Price) = $1390.00* Lasting a family of 4 approximately 6 months.

*'Total' prices noted above are indicative only, the final price for your order will be confirmed before payment, taking into account the final weight, options and delivery (if requested).

What are the cuts of beef?

Various beef cuts
1. Shin Shank/Gravy Beef
*Good for soups and stewing – casseroles

Sliced, Diced, Minced, Osso Bucco

*Bones for popular Osso Buco dish.
2. Topside
A very lean piece of meat great for schnitzel, roasting, mincing and for recipes that require lean meat

Schnitzels, Roast

3. Round/Knuckle
Great flavoured piece of beef that generally requires slower cooking. Great for roasting, stewing (dicing) and thin slicing

Schnitzels, Roast, Steak

4. Rump
Makes a tasty roast or steaks (Roast in oven, pot roast on stove top or in slow cooker)

Whole, Sliced

5. Fillet/Eye Fillet/Tenderloin
The most tender part of the animal. Use for dishes requiring high quality meat. Used mostly for roast or steaks. Try: Chateaubriand (classic roast for two) , Fillet Mignon, Beef Wellington, Stroganoff, Steak Tartare

Whole, Sliced

6. Skirt
Quick cooking steaks, or choose to slow cook.

Sliced, Diced, Minced

7. T-bone/Porterhouse
Both premier steak cuts


8. Scotch Fillet & Rolled Rib Roast
Premier steak cut, and makes a fabulous boneless roast or regal standing rib roast

Whole, Sliced, Minced, Roast

9. Chuck and Blade
Great for stewing, slow cooking, braising and pot roasting

Whole, Sliced

10. Brisket
Excellent for slow cooking....(ATB says good for trad brisket dishes, slow cooked in stock with herbs, meaty and offally in flavour)

Corned, Roast, Minced

Download Beef Cuts Guide Download Cooking Guide Guide sourced from themainmeal.com.au | Cuts Guide sourced from www.mla.com.au
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