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Everyone knows cows eat grass!

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yes, thinking i might get another one, its damn good meat!
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Q. How is the final price set?
A. Prices are calculated on hanging weight which includes bones & trim.

Q. How much will my order weigh?
A. The weight will not be known until the butcher receives it from the abattoir.

Q. How old is the animal?
A. They are yearlings. Young, tender beef around 12 months of age.

Q. Are the cows fed grain or given any growth enhancers?
A. No, we only sell natural grass-fed beef.

Q. What is the breed of your cattle?
A. We sell two types of British breeds, the Murray Grey and Angus.

Q. Is the meat dry aged?
A. Yes, our meat is dry aged for between 15-20 days.

Q. How much does a side cost?
A. It varies depending on weight but usually between $500-$700 bulk packed.

Q. How does the meat come?
A. You decide by the online form or downloadable PDF, we process it to your specifications.

Q. How do I get the meat?
A. We will contact you within 48 hours after placing your order to arrange pickup or delivery.

Q. Do you know how much a side weighs before I order it?
A. No, unfortunately we cant say for certain until we process your order and are told of the hanging weight by the butcher - This is the weight you will be charged on.

Q. How do I know the weight and cost of my order?
A. We won’t know the weight and cost of your order until 3 days before pickup, we will contact you to confirm the weights and final price of your order.

Q. How much freezer space will I need for a side of beef?
A. You will need a chest or upright freezer or split your order between friends with smaller freezers!

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